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D-Space will provide you an exclusive private flight tour only for you. Feel the flight experience like a bird using AR google.

Welcome to D.K.T.

Japanese robotics company D.K.T. enables you starting a brand new life with robots.

D-Space Tour

A brand new life with robot from the skies. Traveling above the air.
Done travel service in US, France, Thailand, and Japan.

Happy Mini

Robot is your family.
We are developing Home Artificial Intelligent Robot "Happy Mini" to enable brand new life with robots.

Robot School

School for studying both robotics hardware and software. Providing information of robotics trends, and also doing lectures and technical advising.


These are the projects we are engaging on.

D-Space U.S.A.

Exhibiting at CES2016. Done D-Space tour in Pier 39, a tourist spot in San Francisco.

Love Lanta Island

Exhibited D-Space at "Love Lanta Island", Thailand beach resort.

RoboCup 2016

Happy Mini ranked as a champion in Japan, and 8th place in the world.Also Happy Mini is a robot providing people a great sympathy.

Robotics City Kanazawa

Kanazawa has a long history of robotics. Kanazawa will continue to lead robotics in the world.

Pepper Hands-on & Hack-a-thon

Organized social Robot "Pepper" programming hands-on & hack-a-thon for University students.

Thailand beach resort IT consulting

Automating Thailand beach resort restaurant business using IT technology.

Robot Levelup School 2017

We are hosting a world 1st robot school combining online and offline learning for education.

RoboCup 2017

Our company cooperated with Germany Homer Team. About Happy Mini

KIT Drone Project

We are engaging on collaborative research with Kanazawa Institutes of Technology.

ロボットDeep Learning/AI Hands-on & Hack-a-thon

Deep Learning/AI Hands-on & Hack-a-thon using NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti and NVIDIA JETSON TX2 & for University students.

News, Blogs & Media

Access DKT blog or the Facebook page below for more information.

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History of D.K.T.

  • May, 2011

    Establishment of D.K.T. Robot School

    D.K.T. was originally a Robot School of RoboCup Junior Ishikawa Block, Japan. It was started from a local community.

  • 2012年 - 2014

    Achievement of D.K.T.

    Our students were invited in SICTIC, a international ICT and robotics competition in China. Students received Award of Excellence for 3 years, and also won many awards in various competition.

  • April, 2014

    Changing place to University.

    Activity o fD.K.T. Robot School was nominated from Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, for "Practice of Human Resource Innovation from Regional Education Reorganization", and our activity had changed place to University.

  • December, 2016

    Establishment of D.K.T. LTD

    Kensei Demura, Representitive of D.K.T. reestablished D.K.T. as a company in Japan.

  • To be


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